Player Spotlight: KooKoo!

The rise of Axie will spawn an entirely new generation of Blockchain gaming content creators. Rather than waiting for mainstream gaming influencers to jump onboard, the Axie community has been proactive in fostering and supporting its very own group of home grown talent.

Kookoo from the Phillipines is an up and coming Axie Youtuber. He’s become a vital leader for the community and helped to onboard thousands of grateful Axie players. Let’s learn about his journey!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get involved with Axie?

I’m a serial entrepreneur traveling around Southeast Asia, mostly in the Philippines, for the business development of some FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands from the PH and the US.

I got involved in the Blockchain space during the ICO days of 2017 and got interested, so I started investing in it.

How did you get involved with Axie?

I saw an article from Coindesk that was posted by Peter Ing in his Facebook Group BlockchainSpace last year, Aug. 27, 2020.

I was really looking for activities to divert my focus and attention which could help me with my depression after closing our businesses and while I cope up with the stress of dealing with buyers and suppliers of our new project on global medical supplies for COVID-19 Response.

After watching some videos, two days after I decided to buy 2 Axies in the Marketplace and 2,000+ Small Love Potion on Uniswap to breed them and start my team. I started seeking advice in the Discord server from Filipino players, and fortunately, they’ve been very welcoming and helpful. I made a lot of new friends and started my own YouTube channel to easily introduce the game to anyone who wants to play and earn.

2. What does play to earn mean to you?

Play to earn is simply putting in time and effort by actively playing the game, enjoying it with your newfound friends, and getting rewarded knowing that you have true ownership of your game-assets that can possibly increase in value long-term while you participate.

3. What do you want to see more of in the Axie community?

Definitely looking forward to the land gameplay. After the Project K test, the vision was clear that this will be one of its kind digital nations that other games will follow. I can’t wait to socialize, build communities, play games within the game, and add value to the economy while generating long-term rewards.

4. Axie has taken off in the Philippines, what is the key to getting traction in a new market that might not be native english speaking fully.

Expose. Engage. Entertain. Educate.

Exposure from players doing live streams on different Social media platforms. Blogs, articles, videos sharing their stories, tips on how to get started with Axie, and the benefits of playing it.

Engagement from community members guiding new people about the how to’s and the why’s of this game. Being actively involved in the Discord server, Telegram, and Facebook page/groups like a Kuya (Big Bro) or Ate (Big Sis) helping newbies get started right.

Entertainment comes into play by participating or watching tournaments, giveaways, community-driven content, and other programs that make the game more fun and exciting. It’s not just about farming SLPs or other assets; it’s about having fun with your newfound family and friends while playing.

Education is important, most especially in the blockchain/crypto space. There are many scams out there taking advantage of the ignorance of most people who don't have a clue. The first step to getting involved is ultimately to understand what it is, the technology behind it, and how you can benefit from it. I’m hoping to see more initiatives from the community providing relevant content.

5. What are you and your community members most excited about for the future?

There’s so much to be excited about but I’m most excited to use Ronin. To breed, transact, and do a lot of things without worrying about the transaction fees and knowing that all these activities will benefit the community long term.

6. Do you see the SLP farmers holding AXS at all?

Yes, it has always been my goal to educate more people about the benefits of holding AXS. SLP is just the icing on the cake, and like most people, they will get attracted to the game because of the short-term value from farming it. But holding and staking AXS is knowing how to bake a cake and enjoy the long-term benefits. When you hold AXS, It is true ownership. We’re not just farmers, we are owners, and anyone can help shape the future of the game.

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