FS22 Average sell prices V2 + best month to sell

  As many people liked the first table about average sell prices I posted here, I completed it with the rest of the products by looking into the game code. I also added in which month you can expect the best prices. Enjoy !

  Here is the link to the Google Sheets Document : Link

  EDIT : Added individual sheets for English, German and French

  EDIT2 : A kind person has added the Polish translation. Thanks !

  EDIT3 : Added a short explanation in the document. Please let me know if it is clear enough.

  EDIT4: A big thank you to u/Ragageles who added the Portuguese translation. An Italian translation was also added by another kind person. I addded a 150% column as it was reported that it's possible to get such prices.

  EDIT5: Added a Steam Guide to open easily in-game

  Base Products

  Production Products

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By Axie Infinity  ·  Launched 3 years ago

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